Collaborations that make our
mission possible.

Cancer for College (CFC) has provided need-based college scholarships and educational experiences to cancer survivors since 1993, awarding over $7 million in scholarships to more than 1,700 individuals.

In addition to providing college funding for pediatric cancer survivors, CFC has partnered with Goodroot to address the high medical costs and debt that often come with cancer treatment. Medical debt is the leading cause of bankruptcy and currently impacts more than 1 in 5 Americans.

The Goodroot Foundation and community have donated over $1 million to CFC over the past five years. In addition to access to Goodroot’s medical cost reduction expertise and services, Goodroot CEO Michael Waterbury, also a member of the CFC board of directors, is personally providing funding to launch a debt-relief aspect of the partnership.

As part of the partnership, CFC families will have access to health-cost-navigator Emry, also a Goodroot community company. Emry provides live expert guidance on cost-effective healthcare decisions, evaluates bills, obtains rate reductions and more. In many cases, the remaining outstanding balances will be partially or fully covered through CFC donors and Waterbury’s donation.

The Joe Freebairn Scholarship Fund, created to honor his life, will benefit a student at Northwest Catholic High School.

In memory of Joe Freebairn, a loving husband, father, grandfather and uncle to Mike and Colleen Waterbury. Joe’s vivacious spirit was seen by everyone who knew him. His legacy lives on through the memories he created with his family, friends and the community at large. Most notably, Joe gave of his time. He represented a foundation for love, acts of kindness and dedication to mankind. Joe Freebairn was known for subtle actions that created lasting impressions.

It’s an honor to memorialize Joe’s legacy through Catholic education in our community. His legacy will make the world a better place, one relationship and one moment at a time. This 2020-2021 academic year, a scholarship will be awarded to the most deserving candidate who is eager to attend Northwest Catholic High School in West Hartford, CT. This grant will be dispersed to one gentleman that meets and/or exceeds the application criteria.

Goodroot Foundation proudly sponsors The Joe Freebairn Scholarship Fund and works directly with The Foundation for the Advancement of Catholic Schools, the fund administrator.

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