Ralph Pisano

Board Member, President of RemedyOne

Ralph’s hands-on experiences as a pharmacist with a passion to make radical improvements for clients led him to RemedyOne.

In his two plus decades of experience, Ralph has helped significantly lower medical and pharmacy costs while improving outcomes through various programs covering millions of lives. He has helped streamline operating procedures, eliminating unnecessary processes to save time, focus resources and control costs. Overseeing pharmacy operations at EmblemHealth, he built one of the very first managed care specialty pharmacy management and audit programs in the industry, from the ground up, and used that experience to improve margins and outcomes.

Ralph’s working knowledge of the entire system, including trade activity and manufacturer contracting, set him up to build RemedyOne’s clinical strategies, formulary management and operations, and rebate contracting. He’s a leader in educating others on the healthcare complexities within our system, and creating new vehicles for traversing those complexities by envisioning and developing new RemedyOne products and services. He’s also proud to be a leader and mentor for the entire RemedyOne team, helping others grow and prosper to create unimaginable success—individually and collectively.